Monday, October 11, 2010

Creativity From Without

Finding creativity from without is to me a form of inspiration. Looking outside of ones self to find creativity to me is essential. Landscape designs are incorporating the spaces you occupy and thinking about how it affects the people using the space. Finding creativity from the people, things and spaces is what landscape design is all about. Peter Donnelly is an example of an artist who finds creativity in his medium, the sand, and trusting it to show him the right way.
Work By Peter Donnelly
We performs art at the pier using the sand specifically brighton sand which is volcanic. The stick he uses relates to a pencil, the rake is like a brush and the shells symbolize beauty. His artwork is using the space and objects around him. He says the pier is a healing place and that he uses that to shape his piece of art that day. When he works he makes references to the place and space itself saying it has to be done in it's time. He says that the pieces of art are not suppose to last they are suppose to be born and then die and he isnt the one that decides this but the space and environment do. 
Work By Peter Donnelly

Peter Donnelly is not the only artist who draws from the environment he is in for his art. Goldsworthy is an artist who is famous for art that is only there for as long as nature will allow. These two artists to me are very similar even though they have different mediums and styles. They both look outside of themselves and look at the environment their in for inspiration and creativity. Work By Goldsworthy