Monday, November 8, 2010

Design of Society

The design of our roads and circulation can dictate how we feel, behave and perceive our surrounds. People enjoy different types of scales at different times in their lives, days or moods. Some prefer a larger more dense scale to their surroundings like urban or large city. Others prefer a smaller less dense environment like a small, rural environment. The design of the streets in each scale can really dictate how the person feels and can make it a more enjoyable place to be. 

Many people do not think about the fact that what you see when exiting a building is a designed space. We as people today do not realize that we have a say in the environments we reside in and the buildings and objects we use. We should be upset and complaining when something doesn't work or we don't feel safe in yet no one says anything. People really need to think about the spaces and objects that are the basis of our society and how we can change them to better suit our needs. 

Thinking about all the objects we use a day and all of the different spaces we occupy throughout the day can make a person realize just how much of our society is designed. You can look throughout history at the different styles societies have gone through in the design of their surroundings. Knowing this why are we not complaining to the people who are designing to try something different and to attempt something that might be better than it is. With all of the history it gives the designers lots of material to work from and then go on to make something better yet designers are not getting any better than they are but in my opinion worse. I dont think that it is completely the designers faults because now a days there are different constraints than before such as environmental factors. But having said that the designers should know certain specifics such as lighting at night, sidewalks for pedestrians, chairs that people are comfortable sitting in and objects that are usable for longer than a few months. 

People need to start standing up for their environments, spaces and objects that shape their society so that they are better suited for everyone and better for the earth. Start by doing something when an object doesnt work, or you feel unsafe in an area. Talk about it with other people or go to community meetings. There are lots of ways everyday people can be involved in the design of their society and I say act now!