Monday, November 8, 2010

Words and Images

Photo Credit: kh2rac 
To Write Love On Her Arms

         A picture is worth a thousand words, so what is an image with words? 

Words and images can portray a very powerful message to the viewer or just create something that is funny.

There is a balance between words and images. Sometimes they can enhance the image and other times they can over power the image. The subject or message of the graphic can dictate the proportion of words to images and vice versa. Presentations and articles need more words than images and if there are not enough words the message does not always come across. When giving a presentation there are common rules to the balance of words and images such as there should be an image for every paragraph or few lines of words and that there should be more images than words so the reader does not get bored. Everyone has their own style in this format but knowing the proportion of words to images can be the deciding factor to the success of your message getting across to your audience. 
Graphics that are more for advertising, posters, album covers and an assortment of others should have more images than words or the words should come secondary if doing one single images. 
The image above is an example of a good image to word ratio for an advertisement. The image for these is where the most information is going to be taken and if there are too many words the viewer may walk away before understanding the message. If there are no words at all though then the message may be left up to too much of an interpretation by the viewer. 
These are just two examples of the word to image ratio used in our day to day life. There are many others to explore and figure out what ratio you prefer.