Monday, October 18, 2010

Compare and Contrast

                                                  Content vs. Form

                                   Scott McCloud Understand Comics
Every designer struggles with content and form and how to balance the two together. If the main focus is the content without thinking about the form the message might be lost or misconstrued to the reader. It also does not matter how great the form is if there is no content. Finding the balance is the ultimate goal of designers, or at least I think it is, no matter how minuscule the object or design may be. When first designing or brainstorming content is most important so the point and message are established but form cannot be forgotten. When form is not thought of until the end the content may not fit or it may not go together with the page size or parameters that may be there in the end.Many people do not take into consideration the time and the importance of form. This is an example of when a powerpoint presentation that has too many words and overwhelms the reader.
                                                          Frank Marks, Jr Presentation
The content is there and there was some thought as to the form but they didn’t take into account the amount of words to images or negative space. 
This is an example of a slide where form takes over and there is not enough content.
For me Form and Content go hand in hand and have to be analyzed every step of the design no matter if it is a caption of an image or the final installment of an art exhibit.