Monday, October 18, 2010

One Balloon

Round. Transparent. Shiny. Colorful. Delicate. Light. 
Happiness. Pleasure. Joy. Fear. Want. Desire. Freedom.  Smile.
Obstacles. Rolling. Air. Group. Color. Playfulness. Childhood. 


All of these attributes, feelings and design inspirations come from this balloon.

Sometimes the simplest idea is the best.

Balloons inspire me to look at everyday objects and incorporate them into how I think of design. Stringing words together to make an idea using everyday objects around one may be all the inspiration one needs. Now some may be saying, “duh stringing words together is called thinking and writing”, but this simple act of writing this very idea down has inspired me to design a space based on these attributes, feelings and inspirations. Keeping these in mind and referencing them later on helps them actually be incorporated. It doesn’t matter how good someone’s memory is it is always a good idea to write these inspiration items down, no matter how insignificant they may be, because they could be gone by the time you are done writing. Most of the best writing is spoken out loud and unless it is written down only the people or person hearing it have the privilege of knowing it.
Lately people are more materialistic and ideas have to be on a grand scale so I have decided to think about the smaller things and how they can be incorporated into design.

So what is your inspiration? Is it in a small-scale object like a balloon? or a large-scale object such as a city?