Monday, November 1, 2010

The Central Valley, A California Landscape

When reading this title what comes to mind? Really, think about it. Agriculture? Cities? State Capital? Analyzing what is the identity of the central valley there has to be considerations of the identity in which people perceive it. Can a model with a river, crop rows and mountains be identified as the central valley? What if the mountains were metal, the crop rows in the air and the river made of mirrors?
The perceived notion of what an object plays a large role in design. When people know what the object is the message can be read by many people. The job of the designer is to figure out what people perceive an object as and how they can manipulate the objects to get there specific message across. 
Going back to the central valley and talking about how people identify objects with tasks or places can work for or against the designers. We could ignore the perceived notions and chance our message not getting across or go along with the image and use it. A good designer will take into consideration the perceived notion and use it as a resource for design.
Manipulating the objects to tell a story or show an aspect of that object that is over looked can change peoples outlook and make a significant difference, or just make someone laugh.