Monday, November 1, 2010


Rain, sleet, hail and thunder mean it is time for an umbrella. Once the rain hits umbrellas because the topic of choice, with what type do you have, pattern, size or effectiveness.

 Everyone is always comparing these mass produced object to see if they have the best or the umbrella they feel is the coolest. The quality of the umbrella itself can have different weights, textures and a variety of elements. Some have thicker material and heavier metal to pop open and withstand the wind. Others are smaller and flimsier so they can collapse into almost nothing. After element can be the size, first the span of the umbrella, second how small it is when folded up. The pattern and design of the umbrella is purely for aesthetic reasons and can be the main driving force to why someone would pick that umbrella. Looking at scale and how it can be played with to create different scenarios such as an umbrella for two, for children, or for full coverage. Scale can create a whole line of umbrellas for a company where maybe they specialize in childrens umbrellas. All the different elements can be manipulate or used to create an identity of the company making them or the person buying it. Scale, texture, pattern, shape, weight and size can become the focal part of the umbrella or all of them can be incorporated.