Monday, November 1, 2010


The movie objectified took everyday objects and made the viewer look at the actual function and compare it to the form and aesthetics. The movie started out with a person waking up in the morning and showing all of the objects that person uses. It make it so apparent that design is everywhere and how many people don't even realize what actually is designed. 
For many consumers everyday objects are just there and they don't think twice about it. Many don't even put together that when shopping you are comparing all of the designed objects and choosing which object you think is going to function better or which you like for purely aesthetic qualities. A designer in the video brought up a good point and about how consumers have all of these options yet are not in an up roar when something doesn't work. He said there should be a riot when the function doesn't meet the need. There were many other great points in the video such as the sustainability side of design but content and form were two hey roles in the movie. They also touched on how designers can use the form to change the contents perception It was brought up the ides to form not following function so the viewer has to really figure out what the object is and about.