Monday, October 4, 2010

Is graffiti considered design?

Photo Credit: HabitForming

 Many people that I talk to don't consider graffiti to be anymore than someone tagging something. Would they think of it any different if that was drawn deliberately on a billboard and portrayed as a design?
 Graffiti can come in my shapes and forms, from tagging to murals. Most people do the designs or art with spray paint as there medium. I love the look of this medium on concrete and different building surfaces. To me they blend well together and many artists can get the texture they need for the drawing from the "canvas" they choose.

Who are the people that consider graffiti art? What is the differentiation of someone who tags to someone who is an artist?

I dont know the answer to these questions or if they already are answered but I know that graffiti is just another form of design and getting our messages across. Graffiti is known for how gangs choose to show their logo and design of their gang so does this make it not design? It is there logo, their design.

So how do we go about making people see this and that graffiti can be art and beautiful? For me I have always thought that people were using the architecture and their surroundings as their canvas and "typically" spray paint as their medium, so it was art! What makes it "graffiti"?

Photo Credit: Banksy
If you saw this but none of the surrounding building would you consider this art or "graffiti"?