Monday, October 4, 2010


As we are turning the curve on the freeway the anticipation starts. "Frank Lloyd Wright Frank Lloyd Wright Frank Lloyd Wright" I keep saying in my head, and then it comes into view. My mom asks, "Who was the architect for the Marin Civic Center?" and I say "Frank Lloyd Wright!" and we both laugh to each other. This happens ever single time we would go into San Francisco and has always made me think about architecture, designers and art. For me the Marin Civic Center and San Francisco are where I began to think of design.

These trips always meant seeing a musical, preforming arts show, going to the museums such as the MOMA, walking around the Presidio and gawking at the different styles of architecture. At first it was just second nature to see these things and to not think twice about them but over time I began to realize that admiring these things is in a way studying design. Now I know some may say no it isnt but for me admiration turned into love and a drive to study design. Design is so broad that I didnt even realize that it was what could end up being my career.
Recently I have gotten stuck just looking at spaces and how they are designed but I am now starting to think about how everything from a picture of a vegetable to a thank you card is design.

                                                                                    Photo Credit: Michelle Davis