Monday, October 4, 2010

Nants ingonyama bagithi baba

Thinking of one specific object that makes me think of design was difficult because it is a different way of thinking than I normally do. I tend to think of design as in objects creating a space which is different than that specific object. For me musicals and plays were a common occurrence when I went to San Francisco. One of my first musicals was the Lion King. Thinking back to that day the giraffe that came into the aisles of the theater was my favorite part. It was not until this blog that I fully thought about why at a young age I loved the giraffe. The ability for one person to take from there imagination an image of a giraffe and design a costume to represent that animal fascinated me. The intricacy of the giraffe and the puppeteer was the most interesting part about the design. You could see the puppeteer and know that it was a person but completely feel like it was a giraffe. The design of the costume is not the only design but also the way the costume is worn can be a design. Specifically I mean that the designer had to design the movements not just the fabric and look.
When I think back on this day I realize that design is an integral part of our everyday lives in ways that we may not see connect. I never thought about how the design of a costume for a play incorporates the design of the movements as well as the feeling or character of the object.